Пятьдесят на пятьдесят 2011

Film - WikipediaНазвание книги: Пятьдесят на пятьдесят 2011
Страниц: 272
Год: 2013
Жанр: Боевик

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О книге «Пятьдесят на пятьдесят 2011»

Seth Rogen, who plays Adam's best friend, Kyle, is a close friend of Reiser in real life, and the movie is based on what happened in their friendship after the diagnosis.

After surgery and treatment, Reiser is currently in the sixth year of remission and cheerfully observes, "Remission apparently lasts forever …

Or until you die." In an interview by Jen Chaney with the two of them in the Washington Post, they joke endlessly, which is perhaps inevitable between a comedy writer and a comic actor, and although "50/50" is structured with the efficiency of a sitcom, there's an undercurrent of truth and real feeling.

Adam turns to his best buddy for support and encouragement.

Kyle rises to the occasion, unlike Rachael (Bryce Dallas Howard), his girlfriend, who (as he learns) wasn't all that committed even before the awful diagnosis.

Anna Kendrick plays Katherine, Adam's therapist, who gets just as involved as his oncologist is aloof.

I know therapists are supposed to observe a certain distance, but in a case like this, I don't see how one can. The screenplay perhaps benefits from Reiser's experience on TV and proceeds in an orderly way through a basic sitcom structure.

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  • Вторая часть интереснее первой, но концовка мне не понравилась

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